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TAKE ADVANTAGE OF OUR CURRENT SALE PRICES! Celebrating over 6 years of continuous business growth! Our High-Powered Electric Bike kits work with any type of bicycle or trike! Read about one of the best Warranties in the industry. Complete systems all come with the highest quality 36V or 48/52V lithium batteries and are priced from $830 to $1070. Cruise Control is also a standard feature at no extra charge. Add 5-level pedal assist with a multifunction display for $100. Have your system professionally installed by us for just $100 in labor. Click here for a full list of what's included. These systems produce 750+ watts at 36V, and 1300+ watts at 48V/52V with our highest-end model. We work directly with manufacturers to ensure every system is built to our high quality standards and specifications that will provide the very best solution at the absolute best price! See the testimonial page for reviews and pictures from many of our satisfied customers. Meet the owner here. Read how to choose the best kit for you here. For a low fee and if you live within 70 miles of us, we also will pick-up your standard bicycle and return it to you as a high-powered electric bicycle (read about it here)!

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Electric Bicycles

Our electric bicycles are built by starting with high quality bikes and adding our state-of-the-art motor kits and high-end Lithium batteries. They are finely tuned and adjusted by technicians with many years of experience. We also can ship anywhere in the continental U.S. for a flat rate of $130. Some assembly is required.
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Electric Bike Kits

These complete Electric Bike Kits are "Best in Class" at the absolute best price. Anything comparable from a USA company costs 50%+ more. We stand behind everything we sell with a one year warranty. Please give us a call!
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