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Electric Bike Kit Home Page



Introducing our new high-torque, high-powered, geared 48V 
500-1200 watt motor kit system ($1070).  Click here for full details!
For optimum system monitoring combine it with a Cycle Analyst

Celebrating 6 Years of Business Growth!
-- Have questions?  Please call us at (707) 439-3179 --

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Our High-Powered Electric Bike kits work with any type of bicycle and we offer a One Year Warranty on everything we sell. Kits now come with Peddle Assist (PAS) and Cruise Control as available options at no extra charge.  Click here for a full list of what's includedThese systems produce 750+ watts at 36V and over 1000 watts at 48V. We work directly with the manufacturer to provide the very best solution at the absolute best price!  See the testimonial page for reviews and pictures from many of our satisfied customers. We recently worked with a high school in Louisana to compete nationally with one of our kits for the most energy efficient vehicle; they had a great showing! Click picture to the right to read the press release (pdf). We can electrify anything! Click on the picture of the unique Velomobile below/left to see a video and more detail about the install we did recently on two of these bikes that travel in the 26 to 28 mph range. Introducing our new 36 volt 10 AH NCM lithium tube style battery (just 7 lbs.) and what customers' are saying about it here. Here's our new high-end 48 volt 12 AH NCM Lithium rack mount battery. Read about the new NCM battery technology. Scroll down for prices and/or go to our products page. The owner (Doug) of Electric Bike Solutions, pictured on the right, explains how these kits work on CBS Sacramento Ch. 13 at the VeloWrench Bike Shop in Vacaville CA. This is the Best Electric Bike Conversion Kit System and Lithium Battery Solutions at the absolute best price (starts at $375 w/o battery). Compare the one year warranty on all kit and battery components to what others offer! Go here for how to choose the right kit combination to meet your needs. Building a BMX...scroll to bottom of page.

We recently partnered with Laid Back Cycles in Sacramento, CA to provide high quality e-bike kit and recumbent trike combinations. Stop in and see Mickey, Mark, or Tony and tell them Doug sent you in for a test ride on one of their great electric trikes!! Note: prices differ at the bike shops, but you can always just pick out the bike and bring it directly to us (Electric Bike Solutions, LLC).

We also continue to work with Velo Wrench in Vacaville and install our electric kits on
Jamis, KHS, and Bianchi Brand Bicycles. Click on the Bianchi below right to see the highest quality/performance setup at the best price in the market.  Call us at 707-439-3179 to schedule a test ride today!
We are also working directly with
Sonoma Trikes
 of Petaluma to offer some amazing recumbent trikes and crank-forward bicycles combined with our best in class electric bike kits. If you are looking for a recumbent trike or crank-forward setup, Nanda, the owner, can outfit you with the optimum solution.

When you order from us, we will always contact you to ensure accuracy and to answer any questions that you may have. We enjoy working with people and we want you to enjoy your electric bicycling experience, beginning with the placement of your order. Here is our Owner's Manual with a technology overview. 
Don't pay for high marketing costs where others are charging twice as much for comparable kits and electric bicycles.  Join the many satisfied customers that are going car lite and $aving!  

Click here to see and read more about the many happy customers cruising around on electric bicycles with a kit installed by Electric Bike Solutions!
Our Everyday-Prices (see Electric Bike Kit Shop/Products for all of our offerings). Prices will vary at Bicycle Shops (please use IE Browser for shopping cart orders).  Sizes available from 16" to 700c/29er depending on type of kit:
- Electric Jamis, KHS, and Bianchi Bicycles

starting at $1199 - direct drive motor and 36v battery
$375 for 500-1100 watt operating range 4th Generation Electric Bike Kit (w/o battery)
- $395 for 350-750 watt operating range Geared E-Bike Kit (w/o battery)
- $520 for 500-1000 watt operating range hybrid geared motor kit (w/o battery)
- $440 for 36v 10+ AH NCM Lithium tube/water bottle style
battery (just 7 lbs.)
- $485 for 36v 12 AH+ encased Lithium-ion Battery. Now in sleek
silver case w/2A charger, key, and locking rack mounting bracket
(read more).
- $575 for heavy duty 48v 12 AH Lithium Battery w/2A
Charger (read more)
Complete Kit Packages with Lithium Batteries:
- $1070 500W-1000W+ high-end geared motor kit with 48V 12 AH Lithium NCM Battery.  The best of all worlds! (only available in rear 26" and 700c wheels)
- $965 350W-1000W geared motor kit with 48V 12AH Lithium NCM Battery (only available in front and rear 16" to 24" wheels).
500W-750W Motor, 36v tube lithium battery (add $45 for 12 AH battery)
- $930 for 500-750 (1100 + peak) watt motor with heavy duty 48v
12AH NCM Lithium battery with 2 amp charger
- $830 for
400 watt geared motor all now with upgraded 20 amp controller
and 36v lithium 10AH tube battery (add $45 for 12 AH rack mount)
- $80 Installation (At My Shop)
- All kits (front and rear) compatible with disc brakes
its come in wheel sizes of 16", 20", 24", 26", and 700C/29er
- Minimum 12 month warranty on everything (parts and labor)
- All major credit cards accepted via PayPal

Read about fuel cell technology and our involvement here.

Want to know more about how it works. Check out our
technology page.

Read about one customer's
BMX E-Bike build or this one from a customer explaining the thrill of 48 volts on a BMX .

Learn more about the
company and our commitment to a "Car Lite" society!

Click the dual-motor 2000 watt setup on the left for more details.

Contact Doug, the owner of Electric Bike Solutions, at the numbers and email below.

Office: (707) 439-3179
Cell: (707) 290-9764


Electric Bike Kit Home Page
Electric Bike Kit Shop/Products
Electric Bicycles
Electric Bike Kit Technology
Choosing Your Kit
Electric Bike Kit Owner's Manual
Lithium Battery Recycling
Giving Back
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