Beach Cruiser Tandem Electric Bicycle

“Hi Doug –

I recently upgraded our beach cruiser tandem to your 48V High End geared motor and battery; my daughter and I rode the Tour de Peninsula 40 mile route and we had the easiest ride ever!

The route has 2000 feet of climbing, most grades were 7-8 percent with a few 11-12 percent rises and we motored on up those hills where we had been walking our bike up those grades. With a fresh battery we climbed and rode 16 miles with power to spare. While stopping for breakfast, I took our portable fast charger and charged the battery while we ate. We did not quite top off the battery, but we then did the majority of our climbing for another 22 miles until we were back at sea level.

Once we were back at sea-level I decided to run with a high speed cruise and made it 38 miles when we ran out of “juice”. We cruised for the last two miles and made it at a record pace. If we would have had a full charge from breakfast, or if I had feathered the battery the last 3-4 miles I think we would have power all the way.

Bottom line:   Thank you for an awesome product and install!”

Robert Young – San Mateo, CA