Electric Cruz Bike Kit

As is the case with most of our customers, Scott performed the easy to do Electric Cruz Bike Kit install himself.  As you can see and read, the results are excellent!

“Doug,  Just wanted to give you an update and send you some pics of how my setup ended up.  As you can see by the pictures I ended up putting the control box in the provided bag and attached it using the straps to the back of the frame and it sits nicely on the bottom of the rack.  I  put the main sensor on the right side of the crank. I ended up putting the little speedometer sensor on the back wheel because I was sure the wire would not be long enough to reach the control box with the location I was placing it.

I couldn’t ask for a better setup! I was even able to put back one of the water bottle holders on the back of the seat where I have the wires running up. Could probably put the other one on but I already have plenty of places to put water bottles since I have the panniers. The bike has everything I could ever want in a bike. I already have had one ride on my nicely paved bike trail. I have to say that getting to and from the path (since I have to ride on the street to get there) is certainly a lot easier when I am in pedal assist.  Then once I am on the trail I put the PAS on 0 and only use the throttle for starting from a dead stop. The bike is really a dream to ride. I am glad I went with your electric kit option as opposed to a cheaper one I was looking at on Kickstarter.  Thanks!”
                                                                                                    Scott – Austin, Texas