Electric Day 6 Pioneer

Here is a very attractive Electric Day 6 Patriot Bicycle.  The crank forward pedaling and chair like seat make this a very comfortable semi-recumbent ride.  Julieanne simply said: “it is beautiful Doug.”   Our 52V Panasonic water bottle mount battery fits perfectly in this frame.  At $1055 for the complete 1300 watt peak kit (includes the battery and pedal assist upgrades) you can’t beat the performance to cost equation.  There are others electrifying this style of bike, just not as cost effectively with the same high quality powerful components.  She will be enjoying a comfortable powerful ride for many years to come.

This bike is described well at the Bicycle Riding for Boomers site.  Great site by the way for us boomers.  Here is a video from the site specifically about this bike:

I will say that because the front wheel and handlebars are chopper style it does feel and respond differently than your standard two wheel bicycle.  Just takes a little getting used to.  The comfort of the bike hands down over comes anything that might be considered less than optimal performance wise.

As always, whether it’s a standard bike, semi-recumbent, full-recumbent, tandem, trike, quad, etc.; we have the electric bike kit solution for you!