Electric Low Rider Trike 1

And yet another very creative customer with his new electric low rider trike.  He is very happy with the 52V electric bike kit he purchased from us as he details here:

“It started with foot surgery in early 2018.  I needed some sort of mobility scooter to get around.  Being a backyard mechanic and custom car hobbyist, I decided to build one myself.  I had three design criteria.  It had to be compact, lightweight, and unique.  The scooter pictured here is my third attempt at the goal.

Electric Low Rider Trike 3

Starting with a $10-yard sale 20″ bicycle, I cut the back end off and welded up a new rear and footrest assembly.  Added 12″ rear wheels, removed the pedals, sprayed some root beer candy and installed Doug’s 52V – 1300W Hub motor kit (this thing SCOOTS!).  I wound up with my own custom mobility scooter.  It will fit easily in the back of my SUV, weighs in at 38 pounds and generates smiles all around. 

Electric Bike Solutions, LLC is the third E-Bike components company I’ve dealt with and in my opinion, by far the best.  Quality, cost effectiveness and customer service are second to none.”  

Terry – Albuquerque, NM