TerraTrike“Hey Doug, I am Digging it!!  Took a couple of 13 mile rides on my electric Terra Trike early yesterday and today. I am really happy! How can I spread the word for you? I like that I can set it on “level-3”, and just rotate the pedals, not really pushing, and hold about 18mph on level/slight uphill. Zooming past other riders…so much fun!

Did you get the pics I sent? I  actually took the bottom out of the bag that was on my rack, and covered the battery, except the front…more stealth mode.  26 miles and a couple of hours and the battery meter still shows full!” 
Randy – Sacramento CA Area

Good stuff Randy, and go by the exact voltage reading on the third screen of the display as that gives the most accurate reading of the battery level under load.  The battery level fully charged will be over 58V and cutoff under load at around 42V.  Lots of power, torque, and distance with this setup.  Having the pedal assist display allows the rider to fully maximize the combination of those three key ingredients!