Zize Yonder Mid-drive E-Bike (550 lb. load capacity)


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Quick Overview

Please read the details of this high load capacity E-Bike at this page on our website.  This bike is $1250 off what Zize charges for their Yonder E-Bike that has a smaller battery capacity and limited functions compared to our offering.  This bike is for big people and any of the Zize high capacity load bikes can be upgraded to high quality E-Bikes by us at a fraction of their cost.  We will order any of the Zize bikes for you and outfit it with our 1000 watt Bafang mid-drive system and a 48V 20AH (960 watt hours) Samsung lithium battery.  Shipping is free in the continental U.S.  Give us a call at 707-290-9764 to discuss any questions you may have about which Zize bike model you would like.

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