Electric Yuba Cargo Bicycle

Mom and her two children on a Yuba Electric Cargo Bicycle in the hills of San Francisco.  The amount of assistance our small geared motor and 36V tube battery can provide is quite amazing.  The system keeps the bike fairly incognito, but it packs a punch.

“Doug, Sorry about the top left blur-it was from my sis in law on a windy day in the city yesterday.  Thanks for everything-that motor saves me every day!”

Denise – San Francisco, CA
Additionally, turning this cargo bike into an Electric Yuba Cargo Bicycle is a straight forward process.  This is true whether the motor is put on the front or rear of the bike.  Since this motor was installed we have updated to the latest generation geared motor that has more toque and works well at either 36V or 52V.  At 52V it eats up San Francisco hills.  Give us a call to discuss how our systems will enhance your cargo bike riding experience!