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  • 36V-52V High-end 900-1200+ Watt (peak) Geared Motor System – 2 Year Motor; 18 Mo. Battery Warranties

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    For max torque, speed, and efficiency this is the complete system for you! Read about its performance at this link. This 36v-52V high-end geared motor system combines the torque and efficiency of the smaller geared motor with bigger windings and gears to accommodate more voltage and amperage for max power (6.5″ diameter, 8 lb. motor).  The system now includes the 5 level pedal assist display as a standard feature with a 25A controller.  The motor works well with disc brakes or rim brakes.  All batteries are now in sleek black cases and use the latest technologically advanced Samsung lithium NCM cells at 52V and 12 amp hours. Or upgrade to the new 12.8AH High-performance Low-profile frame mount Panasonic battery .  You may also upgrade to the 52V 15AH frame triangle hardcase battery   The motor wheels now come in all sizes from 16″ to 700c front and rear wheels (note that 27.5/650B only comes in a rear motor). It also includes a 7-sprocket rear free-wheel cassette. 

    Please call 707-290-9764 or email [email protected] with any questions that you have.

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  • 36V System with Lithium Battery Option, 700+ Watt (peak) Stealth, Light Weight, Geared Motor Kit – 2 Year Motor Warranty

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    This our light weight cost conscious system that still packs a punch with 700 watts of peak power available.  It currently only comes in  front front 700c or 26″ wheel sizes (for other sizes use the 36V-52V System).  Speed on flat ground under its own power is 18mph-20mph.  For 26mph-28mph go with the 36V-52V System.  All batteries are now in sleek black cases.  This system can be purchased with the frame mount 12AH or  the 12AH rack mount Lithium Battery. 2 amp charger included. The motor has a 5″ diameter and weighs 6 lbs.  With our 36V 12AH battery you will only be adding about 16 lbs of total weight to your bike.  Please specify size when ordering. Shipping $60 in U.S.  Electric Bike Solutions will always contact you to ensure order accuracy.   Please go to this page for additional motor information.

    This system comes with a 5 level pedal assist display and throttle override.  It also includes many other system monitoring features.

    Call 707-290-9764

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  • 36V – 52V Electric Fat Tire Bike Kit – (900 to 1300+ peak watts) 2 Year Motor Warranty

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    Note: Free Shipping for this product.  Introducing our new electric fat bike tire kit.  This comes in a rear 26″ wheel only.  Actually we’ve been selling them for a while, but just now getting it to the website since we are fully stocked with them.   This is the same high-end geared motor as the other kits with lots of torque for hills, while still providing top speeds in the mid 20 mph range.  1300+ peak watts with our 52V battery and 900 peak watts with our 36V battery.  It has the standard 170mm dropout spacing (but long axles for additional spacing if needed).  It also is disk brake ready.  Comes with all the same components and options as our standard kit.

    Call Doug at 707-290-9764 to get all your questions answered.

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