Best Cities and Places to go Bicycling with either a standard or Electric Bicycle

The blue links below are to pages that talk about cities and places throughout the U.S. that are ranked among the best places to go for a bike ride.  You can also hover over the tab above titled “Best Cycling Places” to get a full list.  Of course pretty much anywhere is a great place for an electric bicycle ride and we will continue to add to this list.  Whether you are commuting, pleasure riding, or mountain biking, we have an electric bike kit for you!  We ship our kits anywhere in the U.S. and the world.

San Francisco Bay Area.   We are a San Francisco Bay Area based company so we are partial to the amazing rides that can be found in our part of the country!

Portland, Oregon.  Considered the number one bicycle city in the U.S.

Austin, Texas.  One of the top ten cycling cities and the jewel of Texas.

Boulder, Colorado.  At the edge of the Rockies an e-biking cyclist’s paradise.

Washington DC.  Cruising the country’s capitol by bicycle.

Minneapolis, Minnesota.  Can be brutal in the winter, but cyclists here still pedal year around.

Tucson, Arizona.  700 miles of designated bike ways.

Missoula, Montana.  Home of the Adventure Cycling Association.

San Diego, CA.  Bike along the beach, and/or Balboa Park, and/or the Zoo.

Louisville, Kentucky.  Check out the 100 mile Louisville Loop.