The information on this page has been gleaned from other pages on our site as a summary of what our electric bicycle kits offer.

48V 1200 Watt Geared Motor KitAll of our systems now use the same high-powered, high quality, planetary geared, hub motor.  This can be used with either our 36V batteries or 52V batteries (or you can choose another vendor’s battery in this voltage range, just make sure it can handle 25 amps of draw).  At 36V you get 900+ watts of peak power when needed (lots of torque and 18-20 mph), at 52V the peak power is $1300+ watts (even more torque and 25-26 mph).  All complete systems come standard with the battery you choose and a 2 amp charger, a controller, a throttle with battery indicator lights and a cruise control button, an on/off switch, two brake lever motor cutoff assemblies, and a torque arm.  If desired, there is a $100 upgrade option that includes a full display, with 5-levels of automatic pedal assist along with a throttle for override of the pedal assist.  See pedal assist display features here and/or check our video page.  Our motors have an industry leading 2 year warranty and all other components are warrantied for one year (except battery, which is 18 months!)  We have been selling geared motors now since the beginning of 2011 and have yet to have to replace a set of gears.  Even if we did they are only about $30 and fairly simple to change out.  Geared hub motors are very efficient compared to gearless direct drives and have better torque.  They also do not impact the bikes existing drive train in a negative manner like mid drive motors will.  It’s like an automatic transmission versus a manual.

36 Volt Rack Mount Battery

52 volt lithium frame bag battery

Our batteries use the highest quality lithium Samsung 18650 cells.  Currently they are configured in a rack mount case where the battery includes a sliding plate for easy removal and locking to the bike rack; or, a frame triangle bag for a better center of gravity.  Our batteries have one of the best warranties in the industry at 18 months and will last for many years.


Bianchi 48V E-BikeOur electric bike conversion kit systems will work with any bicycle, trike, or tandem…we have even done installs on triplet bicycles.  For customers that do not already have a bicycle, we do offer great KHS and Bianchi Bicycles.  KHS is an American company and Bianchi is an Italian designed bike.  Go to their sites, choose the bike you like, and we will configure it for you with our electric system and the features you desire.  Here is the KHS link and here is the Bianchi link.   Most people prefer the very affordable comfort road bikes like a KHS TC-100  or Bianchi Cortina .

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