Pro-Bicycle/Electric Bicycle Sites

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Bicycle Trip – Plan your bike route via the Google bike map.

Bicycle Commuting and Lights – A collection of articles focusing on the illumination needs of vehicular cyclists. Included are reviews and opinions with respect to various commercial systems. Recommended for any commuter who finds themselves cycling in the dark.

Bicycling Life – A useful and relevant resource for those wishing to use their bicycles for touring and commuting. Includes many articles and links that will appeal to novice and expert alike.

Bike Commuters – A gathring place for bike commuters from all over the USA sharing experiences and encouraging people to “bike their drive”. Weblog-style format with reviews, polls and a gallery. – News, reviews, and articles of interest to those who choose to commute by bicycle. Also home to a database of commuter profiles submitted from around the country. – Contains articles and information intended to promote awareness of the multiple benefits resulting from the development of a more bike centric transportation lifestyle. Commuting – A discussion forum centered around the topic of bicycle commuting. Threads include subjects such as living car-free, safe riding, clothing selection, and common commuting issues.

Guide to Bicycle Commuting – Though published by the Santa Barbara Bicycle Coalition, this resource provides a general overview of tips and techniques that could benefit any bicycle commuter.

International Bicycle Fund – Topics addressing bicycles and bicycling as a means of transportation. Includes articles and analysis related to economic development, urban planning, non-motorized transport, the environment, travel, and international understanding.

John Forester, M.S., P.E. – Forester is the father of the vehicular cycling concept. An experienced Planning Engineer, his site brings many years of VC knowledge and expertise to the web in the form of his personal web site. Articles and consultation resources are available. Paul Dorn’s Bike Commuting Tips – Well crafted site for information on bike commuting by a San Francisco cyclist and activist. Includes views, reviews, and How-To articles.

ProBicycle – Formerly, an authoritative source for bicycle advocacy on the ‘Net. Visitors will find links to many relevant sites and stories pertaining to rights of vehicular cyclists everywhere.

Re~Cycle – A nonprofit organization based in the United Kingdom, which sends bicycles to poor countries such as Haiti and South Africa; including training people how to repair and maintain the vehicles.

The Vehicular Cyclist – Provides a blog style survey of recent news related to vehicular cyclist topics. Individual topics of study include helmets, fatality trends and research.