High powered Electric Trek Bicycles

Any city that has a bike zoo has to be a great place to go bicycling and is in the Travel Channel’s top 10. (you can even see a pedal-powered 80-foot rattlesnake there.) This capital city of Texas is also home to the 6-mile-long Lance Armstrong Bikeway; it opened in 2009 and runs through the middle of town where you’ll be just like Lance on your juiced up electric bicycle.  Just outside of Austin is the infamous Texas Hill Country, which provides endless e-bike riding through picturesque ranch/farm land.  Electric Bike Solutions, LLC (www.GoCarLite.com) provides the most cost effective solution to convert any bike or trike to an electric bicycle.  Click on any of the tabs at the top of the page to start researching our powerful systems.  We are a California based company that ships our conversion kit systems all over the United States including the Austin, TX area!  Call us at 707-439-3179 to get all your e-biking questions answered.

48V 1200 Watt Geared Motor Kit