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Lithium-ion Rack Mounted 36V 12 AH Battery Pack 

The 36 volt electric bicycle lithium battery with NCM Li[NiMnCo]O2 12 AH Cylindrical Cells and a 2 amp charger provides the absolute best in quality and price.  At $420 this makes for simply the best Electric Bicycle Kit battery, at the best price, on the market today!  Longest lasting, most cost effective, battery solution on the market.   Complete with an 18 month warranty!

* 36V 12Ah+ Lithium Battery Rechargeable Pack
* Integrated BMS with cell balancing function.
* BMS cutoff current: 40 amps
* Recommended max continuous discharge: 30 amps
* Dimension: 14″L x 5.875″W x 2 3/4″H
* Weight: 9 lbs
* Connectors: Anderson Powerpole
* Includes FREE 2 amp charger 

GoCarLite Price: $420.00 with 2amp charger. PayPal account not required to order with credit card,  Click here to go to purchase page.

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