Long Haul Trucker Electric Bicycle

One of our long time customers, who recently retired, has been preparing to take the Northern Tier route from Washington to Maine on her Long Haul Trucker outfitted with our electric bike kit system.  She just came by today for a final check before she heads out at the beginning of June 2017.  She is not new to long travels on her bike using our system as a little while back she road from Seattle WA to Arcata CA.  She would of come further down into California but believed that 101  along that stretch is not safe for a bicyclist, and I agree.  No matter how far she makes it on this endeavor it will be quite an accomplishment.  We’ll be providing a link to her blog about this journey in the next week or so.  So keep checking back for regular updates.  I for one am really excited for her and the journey she is embarking on.