E-Chopper1000 watt electric bike conversion kit??  Remember that wattage is a result of the amperage draw multiplied by the voltage available. In fact, I have personally run my hub motor kit at over 2000 watts by using a 30 amp controller and 72 volt battery. So be careful about claims of 1000 watts being some kind of panacea. A correctly rated motor designates the wattage at which it operates most efficiently. Think of your automobile and the rpm level at which it realizes optimum gas mileage, horse power, smoothness, etc. That’s not exactly the same, but a fairly close analogy.

For the most efficient setup on the market that takes into consideration distance per charge, speed, and ease of pedaling, I always recommend our electric geared hub motor kit with a 36 or 52 volt lithium battery.  52V for top speed and brut hill climbing ability.  Go to our shopping page for our current electric bike kit offerings.

All of this describes one of the biggest advantages of an electric bike kit that uses interchangeable components: you still have a bicycle that uses a configuration that adapts to it and you. Bicycles built strictly as electric bicycles generally don’t offer this flexibility…frames, chains, and other components are unique. With an Electric Bike Kit you still have a traditional bicycle; well, until you cruise comfortably by others up hills and through strong head winds. It gets us back to just simply enjoying a bicycle and using it as a realistic alternative to an automobile. Thus furthering our ability to Go Car Lite!

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