My name is Doug and having served as a U.S. Marine (read newspaper article about the family’s long lineage of military service) and then going to college at the University of Alaska on a basketball scholarship, I landed in the telecommunications business for two decades. No regrets at all, but as I neared the half-century mark (well past it now), I wanted to try something relatively new and unique; something that might bring back a little of the youthful energy I knew was still there.  I always find it intriguing as to the things we become passionate about, and my passion was found in two completely unrelated areas.  One is in work I have done for The Salvation Army and the other is in Electric Bikes and Electric Bike Kits.  Electric Bicycles are part of the main stream in China/Europe and are making headway in the U.S.  Once you ride a good quality Electric Bicycle you will know why they eventually will become the standard bike purchased for the average American.  They provide a convenient, environmentally friendly, cost effective, health conscious means of going a few miles, or 20 to 30 miles.  I routinely take 25 to 30 mile round trips on mine without a second thought…especially on nice Northern California days.

I have now been in the electric bicycle business for over 12 years.  The technical/electrical expertise gained in the telecom world gave me a significant head start on how these systems work.  So please, contact me directly at the numbers and email below to get all your electric biking questions answered.

Whether it is with me or another reputable electric bike kit supplier, please keep looking for ways to Go Car Lite!

Electric Bike Solutions, LLC
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