San Francisco Bay Area Electric Cycling

Image result for silverado trail bicyclingWith our business fortunate enough to be located in the San Francisco Bay Area of course we think very highly of the unending miles and quite breathtaking scenery.  Here are five that are mong the best according to CBS of San Francisco.  One of our electric bike conversion kit systems would make all of these rides a very enjoyable breeze!


The Tiburon/Paradise Loop

This 38-mile routeImage result for tiburon bicycle loop features a mix of nature and urban atmosphere as you glide on your electric bicycle through downtown Tiburon and follow trails that edge up against Richardson Bay as you view the Marin Headlands in the distance.  Robin Williams was sometimes spotted in cycling gear riding this route.  There’s a variety of options, with one taking cyclists down a steep hill on Conzelman Road (no problem getting back with your e-bike!). Here there’s excellent bird, and sometimes whale, watching near the Point Bonita Lighthouse at Bird Island. However, if you prefer a ferry ride versus going back the same route, the Sausalito ferry will take you and your bike back to San Francisco.


The Silverado Trail


It can be a bit busy on the weekends, but take this route on the weekdays, and you’ll be king (or queen) of a road filled with exquisite wineries.  Just be careful to not do too much wine tasting along the way.



The East Bay Bike Trail

Start at Oakland’s Jack London Square or Richmond’s Rosie the Riveter museum, cruise along the car-free and flat San Francisco Bay Trail. Along this trail at every turn experience sweeping views of the Golden Gate Bridge, the Bay, and San Francisco skyline.  Stop by the Berkeley Marina to watch kite surfers glide through the air or enjoy a cold one at Linden Street Brewery near Oakland’s Jack London Square.



Golden Gate Park 

One of the most laid-back rides, especially on weekend when the park closes to automobile traffic, take-off near the Haight-Ashbury and ride 4 miles until you reach Ocean Beach. The journey is emphasized in this bike route with plenty of pit stops from the de Young MGGParkusuem to Stow Lake where you can rent a row-boat by the hour.  Make sure to peel your shoes and socks off at the end for a dip in the very cool/brisk Pacific Ocean.



Cañada Road In Woodside

Stunning views of rolling hills and the Upper Crystal Springs Reservoir make this 14.6 mile round-trip ride a favorite for traditional and electric bike cyclists. The route starts at the southern end of Cañada Road and passes by Woodside’s Roberts Market where you can get yourself a world famous Tri-Tip sandwich with pepper-jack cheese.