Your Complete Electric Bike Conversion Kit System (with battery) for each setup includes the following:

– High quality lithium battery in protective case with locking key/on/off switch and 2 amp charger.
– Battery mounting plate/holder to secure it on your bike rack (rack not included).  Water bottle mount battery has a holder secured to the frame.
– Motor properly laced and trued into a high quality Alex rim.  
– Variable speed Throttle.
– Brake lever assemblies with automatic motor cutoff safety feature. (when brake is applied).  Installation not required to be operable.
– Front torque arm for front motors.
– Rear sprocket cluster for rear motors (7-speed for all of our new high-end geared motors).  It is an optimal fit for the motor and an easy adjustment should your bike have more sprockets.  With our high-powered kits you will be using very few gears anyway).
– 20 amp (36V) or 25 amp (52V) Controller.
– 5 level Pedal Assist with full display and speedometer.

Additional Items for Purchase (click on desired item):
– Serfas Thorn Proof Tubes – $12.50
– Serfas Flat Protection System Tires – $32
– Serfas Rear Seat Controller Bag – $20
– Mega Ultra Racks – $27.50
Rear Kickstand – $33
Commuter Lights Combo – $90
U-Lock with Cable – $45

Please watch our brief Installation Tutorial