Cruzbike is a great story of American ingenuity.  The video above gives some of the history of the company as well as information about the new T50 that reached 150% of its kickstarter goal.  They now sell their bikes worldwide.  I first heard of this company when the brother of one of the co-founders contacted me a number of years back about outfitting one of his Cruzbikes with one of our electric bike kits.  Since then we have outfitted several more of various models for him and his friends.  In addition, many of Cruzbike’s customers throughout the U.S. and Canada have become our customers too.  We are now Cruzbike’s preferred provider for electric bike conversion kits.

We are excited to have worked directly with Cruzbike to establish the optimum electric bike kit configuration for the T50.  Of course the enhancements made specifically for this bike are also available for all older Cruzbikes and standard bicycles out there as well.  You can order your new T50 Cruzbike at their website.

Electric T50
This system includes the new Panasonic 12.8AH battery that has a glossy look, USB port, and locking key switch. Motor kit includes the the following:

– Full LCD Display (see this link for details) – Five levels of pedal assist with integrated throttle for easy take-off and pedal assist override

– Brake sensors for automatic cutoff of motor when brake is applied
– 25 amp controller

Complete 52 volt system retails for $1035 
Warranty: 2 years motor; 18 months Battery

Note: Please go to this link or call the number below to order this configuration.  Everything is currently in stock.

See a small sampling of all the different bikes and trikes our system is on at our Reviews Page.   Note there how many of our customers, in the 13 plus years we have been in business, have tried other kits but enjoy ours the most.

Please contact me, the owner, at the the number and/or email listed below.  I would be happy to discuss how our electric bike conversion kits can change your life.

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