For the longest time I lived by the saying that “God helps those that help themselves.” I still believe we all must work very hard while here, but life’s experiences have brought me to believe that what I should have been saying all along is “God smiles the most when we first help others.” Below are three organizations where our giving makes big positive differences in the lives of others. There certainly are more out there, these are just a few that have special meaning to so many…including me.

I met the founder of Hope4Kids International at a local church (Northgate) in 2008.  I was very moved by what he (Tom Eggum) had to say and his description of how large populations of kids in other parts of the world do not even have safe water to drink on a regular basis.  How lucky we are to live here in America!  Click on the picture below to go to their site and support a life saving cause for thousands of others: 


Many of us know The Salvation Army from their service to men and woman that have served in our country’s military forces. There is so, so much more however. The Salvation Army started with one man and his wife (the Booths in 1865). William Booth took his ministry to the streets of London in an effort to help the down-and-out and social undesirables of the times. Today, Divisions of the Salvation Army can be found in over 100 countries in every corner of the world. If you so desire, click on the emblem to learn more about them and donate to an organization that truly is “Doing the Most Good.”


Northgate Christian (non-denominational) in Benicia, CA is truly a church for all people no matter where they are at in life’s journey.  This church gives back to the community in very outgoing and tangible ways.  It is a “come as you are place” where one immediately feels right at home and will experience God’s love.  The pastors and the band/music are emotionally and physically inspiring!  Click on the picture below to go to their site:Northgate