Geared Motor Kits for Front and Rear Wheel

Introducing our 350 watt, 700+ Watt (peak) geared electric hub motor kit. This ebike conversion kit turns your normal bike into a stealth efficiently powered fun electric bike. Motor power is 700+ watts peak at 36V.  This 1300 Watt+ Electric Geared Motor Conversion Kitsystem uses a 20 amp controller. For 52V see our high-powered geared motor kit.)  This is the latest generation geared hub motor with disc brake mount. Comes mounted in a double walled rim with heavy duty spokes. With only a 5″ diameter motor it packs a heck of a punch while flying under the radar with a motor that is very stealth in its design.  We currently only carry the front 700C wheel. This motor is disc brake compatible, not the less desirable screw on kind, but the standard bolt on type. The motor has been specifically designed to align centrally in the wheel; no dishing required!  The system comes with a 5 level pedal assist display and thumb throttle override.  Also included is a pair of brakes with integrated cutoff switch. Despite it’s amazing torque, the motor only weighs 6 pounds. Finally, a rugged small  geared motor that is quiet, yet powerful at a reasonable price. All you add is the batteries and charger. We can supply Lithium battery packs. The geared motor combined with our Lithium battery pack is the best e-bike kit on the market of its type, at the absolute best price.  Go to purchase page.

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