Our 5 – Level Pedal Assist Display also includes speed, odometer, voltage, wattage, temperature, etc. readings.  Combining this with either of our 36V or 52V systems provides you with the most complete, efficient, performance based system on the market at by far the best price.  Compare it to a system like BionX and there is no comparison in relation to the powerful performance to cost equation.

Adding this feature does also add to the installation process as the pedal crank arm must be removed to install the pedal cadence sensor assembly (instructions included with systems).  It is relatively easy and the tool to do this is an inexpensive one.  It can be purchased here for just $17 and shipping is included when ordered with one of our kits: Crank Puller.

A different controller is needed with this upgrade, which costs $80 when purchased with the system.  For customers that already have one of our systems the cost is $170 to make this enhancement.

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