GoCarLite/Electric Bike Solutions is a small business dedicated to providing techniques and electric bike kit solutions for a more cost effective, energy efficient, health conscious means of transportation. We seek not to eliminate automobiles, but to demonstrate how simple it is to use them far less by going Car Lite!

According to AAA, it costs us $8,946 per year to drive an average sedan 15,000 miles, excluding loan payments! Why not pocket some of that green with an electric bike kit that will take you 20 to 40 miles or more at 20 plus miles per hour, per charge! It is always a great time to convert your bike to an electric vehicle and reap the benefits.  The geared hub motor and 36V or 52V Lithium NCM Samaung Battery provide you the best quality motor and battery combination, electric bike kit solution, for the absolute best price! Price this exact same combination elsewhere and come back to save yourself hundreds of dollars.

GGateE-BikeWe are all for the complete human powered approach. However, if you are like me, knowing that I have a boost when I need it makes me much more likely to get out and use the bike. So the goal here is to provide information, products, and social awareness about what is one of the best methods to save fuel, the environment, your health, and Cash! Yes, give yourself a raise by simply going Car Lite with an Electric Bike Kit (click here to view a newspaper article that my wife and I are featured in or click here to see some electric bike kit installs and hear about technology updates and general information). The picture to the right is a nice jamis with a geared hub motor and 48/52V volt Lithium battery, which is the most efficient and powerful setup. Can you even tell the bicycle is electric?

With a little planning, and significantly less money, going car-lite can be relatively easy. By using an Electric Bicycle Kit, we were able to eliminate a car from the family expense budget and save thousands of dollars per year with less trips to gas station, one less DMV payment every year, less time and money at the auto repair zone, lower insurance costs, etc. With an electric bicycle I get as much, or as little exercise on the bike as desired. If I want to peddle, I can, or I can choose not to.

golfbikeGive us a call to discuss what an electric bicycle kit can do for you and/or check out our new “Choosing Your Kit” page. The Schwinn Jaguar on the left was one of the first setups out the door in 2009.  It has the the older 36 volt 500-750 watt direct drive motor kit (up to 1100 watts with a 48 12AH Lithium NCM Battery).  This bike is still being used in Yuma, AZ with the same battery and motor.  Mileage will vary depending on many factors, but these bikes are used to go about 25 miles per charge. I personally have gone up to 40 miles on a charge by simply going very easy on the throttle. Without any pedal assist they will go 20 plus mph (33% faster with 48 volts) and pedal (like any bike) at faster speeds if you desire. Please join us on this Car Lite journey. We are by no means the first in the USA to embark upon it, but it is still definitely a very lightly traveled road.

Call or email Doug to get all your questions answered.

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