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Our highest quality heavy duty 48/52 volt 12 AH NCM electric bicycle kit lithium-ion  battery and 2 amp charger.  Personally tested by the owner for amp hour rating at 1c (12 amps) of continuous draw.  To provide you with the best technology we have recently converted to the NCM lithium cell – Read Why Here. Enhanced BMS to support 25 amps of continuous draw and 40 amps of peak draw.  Dimensions: 14.25″L x 5.875″W x 3.2″H; 10.5 lbs.  Comes with rack mount sliding plate and hardware.  

What also makes this battery a step above most others is that we use a 14s cell string/bank technology.  Most other 48V lithium-ion batteries on the market use a 13s cell string system.  The difference is that 14s provides an overall 4.2VDC higher operating voltage making it actually a 52V battery.  Thus, it gives you nearly 8% more power throughout the battery discharge cycle and it adds to the battery’s overall life span.  Complete with an 18 month warranty!

Lithium Nickel Manganese Cobalt Oxide also lithium-manganese-cobalt-oxide (LiNiMnCo, NMC, NCM), Li[NiMnCo]O2 based Cathode & Graphite based Anode, is the newest generation Li-Ion rechargeable battery for high power applications, such as EV car, E-scooter and E-bike. The NCM cells compromise between high current rate and high capacity rate. Compared with LiCoO2 series Li-Ion cell, the NCM cells provide higher energy density with lower cost and longer cycle life.  NCM cell has 3.6 +/-  0.5V nominal working voltage and is cut-off at 4.15-4.20V per cell during charging.

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