Missoula Biking

Saddle up in this little city, where bicycles, not horses, rule the road. In the small town of Missoula bicycles can reach just about any spot in the city. There is also an extensive range of mountain bike trails located right outside of town, these include: Pattee Canyon, Rattlesnake Recreation Area, and Blue Mountain. It is also the home of the Adventure Cycling Association, one of the nation’s premier bicycle travel organizations.

Our customers use our high quality electric bike conversion kits to change their existing bike to an electric bicycle that will easily provide 25+ miles per charge at 20+ mph.  We are a northern California company that ships these easy to install systems all over the world, including Missoula, Montana.  Please click on the tabs at the top of the page to start researching how well this product will meet your needs.  We can also be reached anytime at 707-290-9764.

*Always be sure to check local laws and regulations for electric bicycle riding in your area.