48VDuallyIf you happen to see a bicycle somewhere in Sonoma County easily beating cars across the intersection, it’s likely to be this dual motor 2000 watt special electric bike kit setup!  (see customer comments below). 
O to high 20’s MPH in around 6 seconds is what the customer reports this high-powered electric bicycle will do.  It has our rear drive hub motor and front geared hub motor.  Both are running at 48 volts, each with their own controller, throttle, and battery (one 48V battery is in the frame bag).  As an FYI, dual motors do not increase top-end speed (more voltage and/or amperage is needed for that); they simply get you to top speed very quickly and pull hills as if they don’t exist.  

“Hi Doug, I meant to get back with you sooner. This is unquestionably a superior setup. For maximum distance I run one motor at a time (averaging somewhere in the ballpark of 20+ mph ;o) giving me roughly a 45mi. range. but when challenged with the steepest of hills or a lonely road to the coast I’ll kick both motors into use. I haven’t met a hill this thing can’t handle with performance that’s borderline mockery at any grade. A due note of caution…this thing’s got torque and I recommend easing into a full throttle for safety and control. Those behind the wheel of car or truck seem to take irrational offense when challenged out of the stoplight. My recommendation is don’t challenge. Play it safe and under the radar; no reason to draw needless attention to what is, by in large, a provocative unknown…”

Ted – Sonoma CA