TerraTrike1“Dear Doug, After putting a couple of hundred miles on the trike. I made some changes to make it a dedicated commuter, and to give you some information that others might need  if they are going to go electric with a recumbent trike. PASonTrike1I kept some accurate figures on speed. The trike will go about 26 m.p.h. on a flat smooth road, and I have found that I needed to get a bigger front sprocket to keep up with the motor. I replaced my 52 tooth sprocket and installed a monster 60 tooth sprocket. This allows me to peddle at a reduced rate and maintain a 21 to 22 m.p.h speed. I have also found that a taller bike flag was needed because of the increased speed for motorists to see me. Also, because of the way the steering is on the trike operating the throttle and cruise control is done with the palm of the hand  instead of the thumb. I also have the PAS system hooked up to the crank and this has helped me with start outs and allowed me to use only the 2 highest gears. With easy light on the throttle take offs, and a speed of 20 – 22 m.p.h. I am getting about 30 miles on the battery. I could not be more pleased with the motor and battery!  Thanks!”

Robert – Farr West, Utah