4000 watt e-bike“Hey Doug, here is my 45+ mph custom made beast that turns heads wherever I go.  Thank you for helping me with the components to set up the electric part of it.  When it comes to electric bikes I will only do business with you.  I love this thing!”

Michael – Anaheim CA

Be careful out there Michael!

This is a system we do not advertise and only provide it to customers that are technically and mechanically savvy.  We do not install the system onto the customer’s bike; that is up to them.  It also takes time as it is a special order item that is well tested before going out.  This much power requires special care and routine maintenance.  The system includes a very large direct drive motor, 50-60 amp controller, 72V 28AH+ battery, three level grip throttle, and a cycle analyst to monitor all the details.  Just for the kit you are looking at about $2,250 plus you need to find just the right bike.  The owner, Doug, uses this system on his personal bike that is simply an all steel KHS TC-100 comfort bike that is only about $450.  However, it is recommended that at least the front standard brakes be converted to a disc brake.  Contact Doug at 707-290-9764 or send an email to [email protected] to discuss more details if you like.