DualBattBMXThe BMX pictured has both our 48 volt and 36 volt batteries.  All our kits are plug and play with either 48 volt or 36 volt batteries.  Motors and controllers can also be swapped between kits as everything is interchangeable.  Just one of the many great features of our “best in class” complete electric bike kit conversion systems.  Read customer comments below:

“Doug, I went for a ~15mile test ride tonight with my new 48 volt battery you sold me.  The top speed is a significant improvement over 36 volts, but the entire ride is COMPLETELY different. The torque is insane. I reach top speed very quickly, but it’s a very smooth power-band and it never lets up. That’s been the hardest part to get used to. I come to an incline and expect to pedal through it to help the motor.  But this battery is a monster, doesn’t even realize there’s an incline. It feels like I NEVER lose top speed, it’s a little unnerving when you’re not used to it.

I would recommend shocks though. A pothole almost knocked me on my rear, probably got lucky the impact caused the key to turn and shut the battery off. This thing is no joke.  The second battery is a great security blanket. It allows me to carry tools without worrying about added weight or bulk.

That’s my review, I might switch to the 36v for night rides in the future, it’s frickin FREEZING out here.

Thanks for everything Doug.”

Reza – Sacramento