Sherry_s_ebike“Hi Doug, I just now put the e-bike on the charger after logging 31 miles and using only 4.03 AH.  You were right; going light on the throttle and using the cruise control at about 10 mph increases the range dramatically. And thanks to you and the e-bike, I have not moved the truck in two weeks.  I am negotiating with my auto insurance people to lower the rate, because my annual mileage is dropping.  Thank you again so much.  I am pleased!”
Best, Sherry – Sunnyvale, CA

Thank you Sherry.  Technically, at the rate Sherry was going she could have logged 90 miles with our 12 AH battery that she has.  This is not a common way that people use the setup, but as you can see from her testimony, certainly possible.