“Doug, I had another great ride today. The cruise control sure does come in handy. I’ve already met someone who’s interested in a ride now and then. I put your card up at two cafes where bikers (bicycles) hang out; also a lot of people comment on the bike-most are positive, except for a homeless guy who told me the bike was “too fancy.” I told him that “I agree.” Prefer to ride under the radar, but hey, not complaining. Can you believe it? After years of not being able to do anything, I’m moving again…incredible! This would mean the world of physical health for a whole lot of other people too; if I’d had this option, or known about it immediately after my last surgery, I’m positive I wouldn’t be in such physical disrepair. This e-bike (the bike and the electric component combined) will help a LOT of people!”

Susan -San Francisco, CA