electric dual motor bicycleDual Motors require two of everything, but it means that mountains will barely slow you down and the fun never ends as Kim, the customer, explains here:

“Greetings Doug, I am sure that you remember me adding the 48 volt motor to the front and it was the best thing I could have ever done to the bike! The overall speed doesn’t change all that much, a mile or two per hour. The added power on the other hand helps to maintain cruising speeds of about 25-30 mph while pedaling on flat ground; it also maintains that speed range on moderate inclines. On steep inclines the speed is only reduced by about 5 mph. Overall the motors are work horses and I have worked them hard, and they still purr like a kitten. Even the one that has almost two years of hard riding, not so much as a squeak, only hummmmmmmmmm.

I am very happy with all products and purchases I have made from you. I would recommend a dual motor electric bicycle system to anyone!”

Kim – Gap, PA