Dually“Hi Doug,  here’s some pictures of the dual motor electric bicycle now.  I tried it out with two 36v 10ahr batteries (one lifepo4 from you and one lipo).  It rides like a bike with a single 48 volt hub motor except when climbing steeper hills.  The bike has a little more torque there.   The fun starts with two 48 volt batteries.  I reconfigured the batteries to 48v 5ahr.  It pulls hard!  You have to hold on to both grips or you will fall off the back or something.  I was going uphill on Redwood road at 35 mph and I had no problem keeping up with the moving traffic.  One guy was following me checking out the bike until I cut through a parking lot on the way home.  It’s a lot of fun!   Of course, I went ahead and bought a 2nd programmable controller.  I think that’s the key there.

Ed – Castro Valley, CA