Electric Bike Friday Tandem“Hello Doug,  The install of your high-end 52 volt electric bike kit system on our Bike Friday Tandem went as expected with no issues!  The most time spent was routing the cables and using sleeves to contain the many cables into a clean look.  I think it turned out pretty good for a first timer (picture attached).  The pedal assist works exactly as advertised and is the best riding option hands down.  Our residential community is very hilly in SC and this kit now allows the wife and I to ride and explore which we couldn’t do before.  All in all, a really great product which has expanded our riding opportunities.  Your availability for questions and explanations is what real customer support is all about-Thanks!”

Richard – Aiken, South Carolina
Great looking install Richard.  Would never know you are a first timer.
Our electric bike kits work with 99% of bikes, tandems, trikes, and recumbents on the market today.  Give us a call or email to discuss your ebike conversion details.