MartinEBike“Hi Doug, I have taken too long to get to you and thank you again for getting me started with my electric powered bikes. They have literally changed my life. My girl friend says I love my bikes more than her, I guess because I am with them so much. I use my bike for everything. Shopping, running errands, checking on properties, (real estate agent) and mainly what I call “bike hiking.” Just taking off and visiting the area. Since I have 3 of your batteries and a double saddlebag, I sometimes go around 50-60 miles before coming home.  Some really great electric bike hiking! I peddle the whole time I am riding, never do I just use the motor and rest. I guess that is why I am down over 30 lbs since I got my bikes 4 months ago. I ride an average 20-35 miles a day, my longest trip was 68 miles on the American River Parkway. 4.5 hours and a sore butt. I have gotten rid of a car and therefore have paid many times over for my bikes on those savings.

I plan to ride from Half Moon Bay to Carmel when the weather allows, a two day trip, probably in the next couple of weeks. I must admit, passing the guys on the road bikes is my favorite thing, just like a kid at 72. OK Doug thanks again for all your help, advice and service.”

 Marty – Roseville CA