Electric CatTrike2 559“Hi Doug, I just wanted to let you know how much I have enjoyed my (Catrike 559) with the electric assist (Geared hub, 48v, 12 amp hour) system you installed back in Aug. 2015. I now have close to 900 miles on this system and it has worked flawlessly! I weigh around 220 lbs, plus the trike and accessories, and the e-system has easily conquered any hill or grade I have attempted. It makes my “triking” a pure joy! I never have any concerns about fatigue or getting back home. The larger display screen is also great for my vision needs. The brighter the sunlight,the better the display shows, with no washout. Thanks again Doug for a really nice system and installation.”

Sincerely, Rick – Vallejo, CA

Electric CatTrike 559It is a good looking ride Rick.  Enjoy the pure fun!