Mike, in AZ, shares a picture of the custom stretch recumbent bicycle that he installed our 52V Electric Bike Kit on.  This is a bike he built.  His thoughts on our system:

“Doug, I rode 4x this week.  I’m excited about making these longer trips. I primarily ride in level 2 of the 5-level pedal assist.  Simply amazed how the hills have flattened out for my new e-bike. Thanks for your fast, friendly service & a remarkable product! My average speed is up from 7.5 mph to 16 mph. I am still pedaling hard but not worried about blowing out my gimpy knee. Man, this is great! Thank you.

Mike – Chino Valley, AZ 

P.S. My wife’s order will be coming your way soon…”

Very clean install Mike and glad you are enjoying your new electrified ride!