Electric Dahon Conversion Kit

“Hi Doug–
I’ve been enjoying the conversion you did for my Dahon, and here’s a picture of your excellent work. Could not be happier! Thanks again.”  
Dan – Fairfield, CA
Our pleasure Dan.  This is the 36V system with a rated 500 watt motor that produces nearly 900 peak watts when needed.  Even at 36V you still have plenty of torque for hills and a top speed approaching 20mph.  That is really all that is needed for a folding/20″ wheel bike.  Dan went with the frame mount battery on his rack that still allows paniers to be clipped to the side rails.  Note: Our rack mount battery allows for saddlebags to be thrown over the top of it and our 52 volt system provides 30%+ more power for a top speed closer to the class 3 E-Bike 28 mph limit.
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