FoldingColumbaPete bought a 26″ setup from us a while back and decided he wanted to put it on a folding Columba bicycle with 20″ wheels.  This is one of the great things about our conversion kits; they can be transferred from bike to bike.  It will involve a little more work, however, if the wheels are different sizes.  But as you can see from his comments, we can turn it around pretty quickly.

“Hi Doug and Happy New Year!   I finally got around to installing the 20 inch hub motor / wheel you built up for me on my folding Columba Bicycle. Recall it is the 48v geared high end electric bike kit set up. I’m very pleased with the set up (see photo). With the 20 inch wheels this is a hill climbing beast!

Hey, thanks again for the super quick turn around with the relacing of my 26″ wheel into the 20 inch rim.

Pete – Irvine, CA”