“Hi Doug,  here’s a picture of the Electric Giant Sedona Bicycle Conversion. I had Bob’s Bikes in Poolesville install your equipment to a new Giant Sedona XL frame. He did a clean job, including improvising a little hutch underneath the battery mount to contain the controller and excess birds nest. I put a 3 inch thud buster under the seat. The handlebars are from the old beach cruiser. As I get older I am more comfortable with an upright riding position. The extra room for equipment on the long handle bars is also an advantage. I put a 2 1/4 inch tire in back. The bike has reached 30mph, but I typically ride between 22-29 mph with a good run on an open road. Happy New Year!”

Ralph – Maryland

Looking very nice Ralph! Can’t beat the power, comfort, and very competitive cost of our 48V systems!