Electric Heron Vintage Bicycle

“Hi  Doug, I purchased the 52 V electric bike kit back in May of this year and installed it on an older Heron steel frame bike. The dropouts on the front fork were tight and required a bit of filing . The rest of the install was very straightforward. I did not use the brake levers with the cutoff switches that came with the kit.  I have put  just over 1300 miles on it and it has been so much fun.  I just spent a couple of days on the Blue Ridge Parkway and it performed flawlessly.  I mostly use the PAS system on long or steep climbs and the thumb throttle to quickly cross busy intersections.  My longest ride has been just over 60 miles in the mountains and I used a little over 5 amp hours. The motor is very quiet and I seldom use above level one. I believe it could go 100 miles on a charge the way I use it.  On level ground  you don’t even notice the added weight and the bike handles as good as it did before adding the motor.  If anything the added weight on the front seems to make the bike more stable on fast downhills. The 52V 11.6 amp hour battery mounted low on the frame may help also.  The quality of the kit is excellent and not hard to install.  Overall the conversion has exceeded my expectations!
Thanks!  Jimmie – Concord, North Carolina”

The Blue Ridge Parkway looks like a great place to spend time e-biking Jimmie.  For those not familiar with it; it is a 106 mile trip in the great outdoors with fantastic scenery extending from North Carolina into Virginia: https://www.blueridgeparkway.org/