Electric Kent Westport and True Bicycles Folding trikes

Hi Doug,  first, I am very impressed with the quality of the components in your kits. These are not the first bikes I’ve built, but they are the first with your components. The batteries and controllers are contained in watertight boxes under the cargo baskets. The connections for your system are very solid, cables are robust and mounting and installation was a breeze. The high end 52V geared drive has unbelievable hill climbing ability. It doesn’t even have to try very hard. I’m a 220 pound rider and was easily able to roll up the steepest grade I could find with my current limit set at only 22A. The display and controller work well and have a useful set of features. I especially like that there is an off board speed sensing scheme which very few geared hub kits support. This allows the speedometer and distance functions to work even when the hub is not being powered. I will be using more of your kits for a few friends that are drooling over my two electric trikes. Thank you so much for the wonderful tech support and customer service!

Terry – Arvada, CO

Nice looking trikes Terry and great job on the installs.  Can’t beat our 52V system for climbing any hill you come across!