Electric KHS Bicycle“Hey Doug, it’s about time I report back from my adventures on my new electric KHS bike from here in Tucson.  First of all, the locals have never seen anything like it.  Spontaneous remarks from bicyclists on the street:
– What kind of bike *is* that??
– How did you do that??
I need a sticker to put on my bike so I can more easily refer to you.

I bike 14 miles twice every day going from Sabino Canyon to UofA.  I spend around 30% to 50% of the battery’s energy on the 14 miles, more on those cold mornings.  I am freewheeling faster than nearly any other bike.  So, there really is no resistance from the motor when just pedaling or coasting.  It’s fantastic to ride on this bike through town.  It is great how really quick it gets up to speed after a full stop.

Thanks again!”                                                                       Niels – Tuscon, AZ

Good stuff Niel.  The 52V system definitely gets you where you want to go in a hurry.  Any of the KHS comfort bikes make for a great, very reasonably priced, electric bicycle.  Pick out the style you like here and order yours today!