Electric JC26X

“Hello Doug,
    Hey, I just wanted to touch base with you to let you know my latest observations on your assist system with my now Electric Performer JC-26X Recumbent Trike:
    My first impression about the ease of installation is that it’s very complete and it should be pretty easy for most anyone with a modicum of mechanical/electrical ability to install.  Moreover, the hub motor is a pleasure, both for its size and (light) weight, and its power and its minimal noise level.  It’s about the quietest hub motor I’ve used to date, and that’s REALLY nice!  I also find after doing some miles with it in various situations, that the usability is very good.  I changed the throttle to a full twist with a drag adjustment.  I also extended the cable on the button panel (a little more than 4 feet) to locate it on the right side steering handle immediately below the bar end shifter.   It falls under my right thumb and I can access it readily, it’s very easy to change assist levels as necessary to compensate for terrain, and the throttle override works quite nicely for getting across highways and busy intersections. As far as slow toodling, I just set it to level zero, and use the throttle as with my other non-PAS systems.
     So, overall, I’m very satisfied with the system, and I will recommend it to anyone who may be interested in a hub motor assist system.
    Very nice and I like it lots! If I didn’t already have a bunch of MAC and BMC hubs, and EM3ev Infineon controllers kicking around or installed, I’d think really hard about converting all my hub motor systems to your system. Maybe when my ship comes in….
If you’re interested, I can take some detailed pictures of my installation and send ’em to you.  So. My only concern is parts availability, especially for the motor….can you shed any light on that?
Dave – Concord, NC
Thanks for the detailed feedback Dave.  Sounds like you are quite the e-bike/trike  connoisseur.  And yes, we stock replacement parts for everything we sell.  Another option for slow cruising is the cruise control that can be utilized once going at least 5 mph in throttle only mode.