Electric Raleigh Trike and trailer

Grandpa Robert uses this setup to haul his grand kids around the Alameda area.  Can our system handle all this; well, here is what he has to say:

“Doug, thanks for motorizing my Raleigh Tristar HD adult trike. It’s the best thing since sliced bread. I have a GENZE ebike besides this trike. Trike was slow as a snail under “pedal-only” power without the electric kit compared to the GENZE. Trike is now capable of going faster than the GENZE. Lowered my seat on trike a bit to help keep balance (lower center of gravity). I often breeze by cars in this bike-friendly town of Alameda.  Alameda City speed limit is 25mph. I see drivers in my rear-view mirror who look like they’re thinking “Whaaa? How does a trike beat me?” But only on straight-aways. Cornering has to be done at about 7mph to stay upright. A few folks have already asked me how did I get this trike. Word-of-mouth “ads” here by me will – I hope – get more Alamedans to contact you. City Hall here has many ideas for traffic abatement. THIS should be “on the table” there. KUDOS to you Doug & Electric Bike Solutions. You’ve “built a better mousetrap” & the world is gonna beat a path to your door!”
Robert – Alameda, CA