Electric V-Rans Recumbent

“Hi Doug, thought I would check in with you.  I finished the install on the V-Rex tonight. It worked out well.  Rather than locate the battery on the back rack, I opted to keep it low and made a plate to hang it off of the bottom tubes. Fabbed an aluminum plate and attached with rubber-lined clamps. The controller is in the small bag behind the seat.  Just completed a 20 mile trip; PAS levels work as you described. I will probably leave it programmed the way it is. With the power of this motor, definitely need a good torque arm(s) on the front forks.  Thanks for a great kit!”

Gary – Blue Mounds, WI

Very nice install Gary.  For others that may be wondering the display can be programmed to change the amount of power available in each level of pedal assist.  We send them out at max power but some customers find that even level one may be too much power/speed when riding with others who have not yet added an electric bike kit to their bikes.  We have found that our best marketing comes from customers riding with future customers to be so they can see how much fun it is!