SeattleEBike“Doug,  I’ve been using my bike for a couple of months now and thought perhaps I’d pass along my thoughts:
1)  The system is fantastic for my purposes!  My objective was to have some additional augment for my bike to and from work so I didn’t arrive sweaty (we don’t have a shower at the office).  I’ve cycled on fairly warm (not hot – it is Seattle after all) days and it performed as desired.  2)  The basic sense I have is that it turns steep hills into modest ones, modest hills into flats, and makes me lazy on the flats (but in a good way).  It also allows me to carry copious amounts in my saddle bags as the additional weight is effectively irrelevant.
3).  For a Seattle commuter it’s awesome.  Bikes are free on the ferry (well, one dollar one way) as compared to 5 or 6 bucks for a motorcycle or 12-14 for a car.  The system will pay for itself in my particular circumstance within a year.

It’s quite funny when I get off the ferry – there are usually 3-4 bikes, maybe two road bikes and two mountain style.  I have the electric rig on a mountain style and when I’m going off I actually slow down a bit so I don’t outpace the really fit competitive cyclists on their road bikes just because I’m embarassed that its so easy for me 😉  Anyway, thanks for the great product and I look forward to hearing from you!”

Adam  –  Seattle, WA