Specialized36VSteve in Illinois talks about the great performance of his Specialized Electric Commuter Bike after the first year of owning one of our lightweight 36V geared motor systems.  Can’t beat this setup for price, efficiency, and longevity!

“Hey Doug, after over a year of enjoying my 36 volt electric bike kit I thought I should send a pic. I absolutely love the kit. I took this picture today while out for a ride on a beautiful fall day in central Illinois. I had usually only commuted but today I took a nice 12 mile ride pedaling along getting a decent workout without huffing and puffing. I stopped by my local bike shop and the mechanic and owner really liked it. They both took a ride! After about an hour ride and a 17 mph average speed, I estimate I still have about 60% of the battery left (3lights out of 5 left).”

Steve – Central, Illinois