“This is our Trek T900 converted with the 52v Electric Bike Kit system complete with auto and manual throttle controls. Bought this system early last summer from Electric Bike Solutions and installed it myself. It went pretty much as described. My wife and I love how smooth it operates and how strong it runs! With 5 selections on the automatic we rarely ever use more than the first level to go up a hill or buck a head wind. We primarily use only the manual throttle control just for starting in traffic, especially busy intersections. We use the throttle on some short hills as well. This unit takes out all the clumsiness of starting out in busy traffic. The battery capacity is amazing! We also purchased a heavy duty rear tire and tubes for both tires. When we bought this unit we weren’t sure how it would function on our tandem bike. It works very good! All we had to do is get a longer power cable from the motor to the controller in a bag under the front seat (Electric Bike Solutions provided this).  So away we went after adjusting the derailleur to match our 8 sp Trek to the 7 sp sprockets on the motor. We do not need to shift very often anyway.  Thanks Doug!”
Duane – McMinnville Oregon
Nice job on the install Duane and very nice looking tandem!